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How to get the OK Prompt

  • From a shell or command tool window, issue an appropriate command (for example, the shutdown or init 0 command) as described in Solaris system administration documentation.
    • From the ILOM -> prompt, type:

-> Stop /SYS Use the system Power button.

When OS is unresponsive: use below option

From the ILOM -> prompt, type the set /HOST send_break_action=break command provided the operating system software is not running and the server is already under OpenBoot firmware control. Then issue the start /SP/console command.

When OS is unresponsive and need to prevent autoboot:

From the ILOM -> prompt, type:

-> set /HOST/bootmode script=”setenv auto-boot? false”

Press Enter.

Then type:

-> reset /SYS -> start /SP/console